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New version available for download
« on: May 02, 2008, 03:05:37 PM »
Hi all,

We have made a new version available for download as build 1.10.100.  This is officially Gold release for the Standard Edition.  The Developer Edition is still in testing and is expected to be released by early June 2008. 

We did not provide a web update for this update.  Rather we would ask that you uninstall the previous version and install this one from scratch.  Your existing project and datafiles will not be affected!

Fixes and changes in Version 1.10.100:

Added since Beta 1:
  • Added action to Run a file with associated program with optional verbs to open, print, etc.
  • Added hot key (Ctrl-Shift-F12) to all action windows that shows the GUID for the vendor action and
  • optionally copies the GUID to the clipboard. 
  • Added action to write text to a file.  The text is either appended to an existing file or overwrites an existing file.
  • Added action to generate XP or Vista Manifest files. 
  • Added action to wait for predetermined number of seconds (ranging from 0.01 to 999.99 seconds). 
  • Added action to Rename a single file.  Renaming multiple files with wildcards etc. will be added in May.
  • Added action to write multiple lines to the logfile.
  • Added window to edit entries in the folder list in Copy Files (Simple)  This gives you an option to use variables such as current date in the destination folder - great for incremental daily backups! 
  • Added a simple Message action.  It will wait until the OK button is pressed.  You can set the caption text, the message text and select an icon from a dropdown.
  • Added About/Splash window
  • Added internet links to Forum and Blogs from the program

Fixes since Beta 1:
  • Standard buttons were just a bit too narrow.  Changed the standard button width in the entire program
  • from 40 dialog units to 45.  Fixed.
  • Save buttons did not have icons.  Fixed.
  • Key to show the variable selection window was set to the down key.  Didn't work so well in text boxes!  Set to Ctrl-Down key.  Fixed.
  • When Project Variables list is empty the System Variables should be automatically selected.  Fixed.
  • Under some circumstances the correct GUID was not retrieved in the Action Editor.  Fixed.
  • If an insert was attempted for an action, where the vendor action file didn't exist, anywhere except at the end of the Action item list it could cause the linenumber order to fail and subsequent loadings of the project to halt at that line number.  Fixed.
  • Variables were not expanded in the Source for Copy Files (Simple).  Fixed.
  • The Build Automator would crash on dual/multi-core machines.  Fixed.
  • The Compile SetupBuilder action did not update a changed variable name.  Fixed.
  • File names in the error log for Copy Files (simple) included trailing spaces.  Fixed.
  • It was not optional to open the picklist when the program opened.  Fixed.

Arnor Baldvinsson - Icetips Alta LLC