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Build Automator 1.60 Beta 2
« on: April 20, 2009, 03:07:26 PM »
Hi all,

We have made version 1.60 Beta 2 available for general download for those who are interested. 

Note that this IS a BETA build and you run it at your own risk.  It has been thoroughly tested in-house, but it is a BETA!

This build converts the project files so make sure that you make backups of your projects before you open them with the new version.  We have used the conversion on all our projects, both test projects and live projects, without any issues at all (well over 100 conversions so far)

In order to install this build you need to have a valid Maintenance Plan.  It is only available as a full install and not through the web update - i.e. "Check for updates"  Once the build is released out of Beta testing you will of course be able to run the webupdate:) 

To download please use this link:

Note that the path is case sensitive!

If you have ideas for new actions, new features, improvements, whatever, please don't hesitate to let me know! 

This build has a lot of fixes and some new features.  Below is a full list of the items we have worked on.

New features/changes:
  • Logfile viewer now can be filtered to show errors, warnings, information or all.  Color coding of errors/warnings etc. also implemented to make errors more visual.
  • Servers can now contain both FTP and SMTP servers in preparation for emailing actions and options in the Build Automator.
  • Run Program and Run File action:  parameters can now be broken up into lines to make them easier to edit.  The linebreak is interpreted as a non character, i.e. it is replaced with nothing before passing the parameters to the run action. 
  • Run Program and Run File update windows is now resizable.  This, along with item 3, makes it much easier to construct long parameter lists.
  • Option to minimize the program to the system tray when executing.  IN TESTING
  • The project script can now be printed.
  • Project is no longer stored in multiple files.  The project is now stored in the .aprj file and the .avar files for the project and the variables.  The program automatically converts the projects to the new format.
  • Execution can now be stopped much more easily.  In the previous version it was very difficult to break the execution loop and stop the script if needed.  This new build starts a new thread for each execution and the main loop waits for each execution to finish before moving on.  This makes the execution window much more responsive. 
  • Added global variables that contain information about the project file.  Create date, time, last update date, time.  Project path, filename and full path + filename.  Also the short path+filename for the project.

  • The Help would not open on the correct topic for the Terminate Script action update window.  Fixed.
  • Target file was not automatically added to the "Compile Clarion" action.  Fixed.
  • Under some circumstances the "Compile Clarion" action could hang without running the Clarion IDE.  Fixed.
  • "User Registraion" was misspelled on the "Enter Registration Key" window.  Fixed.
  • "Create Folders" action did not report folder names that it could not create.  Fixed.
  • "Create Folders" action would sometimes not create folder(s).  We have discovered that the API that we use does not support periods in the folder names that it creates.  For now we are classifying this as limitation and we will get back to it later.  The action will log each such folder into the logfile as an ERROR.
  • In some cases newly created action item would not be saved correctly.   Fixed
  • Regression:  Copying and pasting action items from one project item to another would fail in some cases. Fixed
  • In the Run Program action update window, tabbing through controls on the window was fairly random.  Fixed.
  • FTP Server update window had a typo in the titlebar - "Upate" instead of "Update"  Fixed.
  • Run Program action did not show parameters in the Action Items list.  Fixed
  • "Execute All / Execute Project" option in Project Window was no longer used.  Removed.
  • The execution progress window had some overlapping text.  Fixed.
  • Typo in log entry for Message action  "butten" instead of "button".  Fixed.
  • Regression:  "Stop on Error" option in Compile Clarion and Compile multiple Clarion apps actions did not work after changes in logic to retrieve error messages from the Clarion compiler window.  Fixed
  • Hotkeys were not implemented on Search and Replace action.  Fixed
  • Parameters in Run File are not active and not used. Fixed.
  • Installer did not use internal integrity check which meant that download could be corrupt and the installer would not detect it.  Fixed.
  • Picklist did not sort properly.  It now lists the last opened project on the top and the projects are in the correct opening order.  Fixed.
  • Conversion of Server.tps to new format which now supports email servers would fail.  Fixed.
  • "Enter Registration Key" window was not documented at all.  Fixed.
  • When the Armadillo keycode is entered, the program needs to be restarted for it to KNOW that it is no longer a demo program.  2008-08-20:  Added code to restart the program.  Fixed.
  • Inserting Project Item would always push the bottom project item down making adding multiple project items literally backwards.  Fixed.
  • When action items were selected and a new project item was selected the selection was not cleared.  Fixed.
  • When copying action items from one project to another the variables used in the action items were not created in the target project.  Fixed.
  • The Create Folders action would sometimes not create the folder.  We have discovered that the windows API that we use to create the folders does not support periods in the folder name.  For now we are classifying this a limitation and we will get back to it as soon as we can. 
  • Copying and pasting action items from one project item to another would fail in some cases.  Fixed.
  • Sometimes the execute checkbox and the background color of the line number and execute column would not be drawn correctly when inserting a new action item.  Fixed.
  • Deleting multiple action items did not work.  Fixed.
  • If system variables, such as $ExitCode$ was selected in the variable list, it was not possible to insert a new variable. Fixed.
  • Executing multiple action items was not possible.  Fixed. 
  • FTP Uploads would timeout after 90 seconds.  Fixed.
  • Regression - action items that were not checked to execute would stop the script execution.  Fixed.
  • Variables in Destination in the Copy Multiple Files action could cause invalid paths to be created.  Fixed.
  • Logging for Copy Multiple Files was too verbose.  Fixed.
  • In some circumstances expanded variables could contain trailing spaces.  This could cause the invalid paths described in item 34.  Fixed.
  • Total execution time in the Project Log was formatted as seconds and fractions of a second rather than hh:mm:ss.nn.  Fixed.
  • Project window documentation showed old images for the toolbar execution buttons.  Item in review.   
  • "Allow full Execute" defaulted to being unchecked when creating a new project.  This was confusing.  Fixed.
  • If no Action Items had been added to a Project Item, execution could stop on the empty project item. Fixed.
  • Search and Replace does not report error if it cannot write the file back to disk.  Fixed.
  • Search and Replace did not list the replace string in the log file, only the search string.  Fixed.
  • Search and Replace did not add to the logfile if the search string was not found in a file.  Fixed.
  • Create Folders would not create directories with period (.) in the foldernames.  Fixed.
  • Create Folders did not create the start directory if it didn't exists.  Fixed.
  • There was no option to save the log file to a new file.  Fixed.
  • Ad1ding files to the Compile Multiple Clarion apps action didn't add the files in the correct order.  Fixed.  If the last item is selected the new item is added last.  If other item is selected the new item is added after it.
  • Target filename was not retrieved from the application when adding applications to Compile Multiple Clarion apps.  Fixed.
  • Target filename was not retrieved from the application when adding applications to Compile Clarion.  Fixed.
  • Deleting multiple project action items did not work correctly.  Warning message only warned about "this action item"  Fixed.
  • Double clicking on a Search and Replace action item would not open the update window.  Fixed.
  • If the project window was bigger than the program window, the program window could scroll and hide the top parts of the project window.  Fixed.

Outstanding issues in Beta 2:
  • Clarion compiles would not attempt to locate target file based on REDirection file.  Under construction.
  • Moving multiple selected project action items did not work.  Under construction. 

Please let us know if you run into any problems.  There are several ways that you can report problems to us:

1.  Report problems to our online bug tracking system (use "Help |Report Problems" from the Build Automator "Help" menu, or go to

2.  Post on our forums at

3.  Use the direct online chat support ("Help | Direct online support" option in the "Help menu.

4.  Email us to

Again, if you have ideas for new actions, new features, improvements, whatever, please don't hesitate to let me know! 

Arnor Baldvinsson
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