Author Topic: Build Automator 1.50.1212 released  (Read 8503 times)

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Build Automator 1.50.1212 released
« on: August 18, 2008, 12:55:16 PM »
We have just released version 1.50.1212.  Please check out our blog entries regarding the past two builds (1.50.1210 and 1212).

The main highlights in version 1.50.1212 that was released on August 5:

  • Maintenance plan is now verified immediately when entered
  • New Terminate Script action to terminate the script - can be used with conditions.
  • Checking/Unchecking "Show Splash Screen at startup" on the Splash screen did not work.
  • It was not possible to scroll the picklist entries horizontally

The main highlights in version 1.50.1210 that was released on August 5:

  • Much improved Message Action
  • New FTP Upload action
  • Logging improved
  • New Call DLL action
  • Delphi 2007 support added to MS-Build
  • Compiler errors from Clarion 6 and older are now added to the logfile

In addition to this there were quite a few small bugs tracked down and removed. 

The next release of the Build Automator will be in about a month, sometime around September 15.  Until then, please let us know if you have problems or if you have some suggestions or ideas for improvements or new functions:)

Best regards,
Arnor Baldvinsson - Icetips Alta LLC