Author Topic: Build Automator 1.30.150 released  (Read 4155 times)

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Build Automator 1.30.150 released
« on: June 25, 2008, 04:42:21 PM »
Hi all,

We have just released Build Automator version 1.30.150

If you are a licensed user, you can use the "Help | Check for updates" from the main menu in the Build Automator to download and update the software automatically.  You can also download a full install from 

You can purchase the Build Automator with a 60 day Maintenance Plan for only US$ 99.00 or you can purchase it with a 1 year Maintenance Plan for US$ 149.00  For more information about pricing, please visit our prices page at

Icetips Creative, Inc. has recently set up a partnership with Indigo Rose (, makers of Setup Factory and MSI Factory and will start developing actions for those products in July.  In addition to that, we entered a technological partnership with CodeGear ( , makers of Delphi, RAD Studio and C++ Builder, now being acquired from Borland by Embarcadero Technologies.  We are looking forward to develop and implement actions and plugins for tools from both companies.

Please note that you must have a valid Maintenance Plan to be able to install either the webupdate or the full install or it will fail.  If you are a licensed user and you have not received an email from us with your Maintenance Plan, please email us and we will resend it right away:)  The demo version cannot be updated.

Visit our online documentation at for information about what has been added and fixed in this release.  Among other things in this release we have added a new command line flag, /NL, that can be used with the /E flag to execute a project without showing the logfile at the end.  This also fixes a problem where Clarion app files that were marked read-only would not compile properly.  This build includes several fixes to make creating your own plugins easier and we are still working on that area. 

Right now we are working on implementing FTP actions in the Build Automator and expect to start testing those actions in the first week of July.  We are also starting to work on actions for SetupFactory and MSI Factory from Indigo Rose (

We value your input in order to make the Build Automator better, so if you have any ideas or thoughts on new actions or features that would be useful for the Build Automator we really would like to hear from you:)  You can post your comments on our Ideas forum at,4.0.html

Best regards,
Arnor Baldvinsson - Icetips Alta LLC