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Build Automator 2016 build 6.2.1359 released

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Build Automator 2016


We have released Build Automator 2016, build 6.2.1359

The update can be downloaded from our website at http://www.buildautomator.com/downloads.php or by using the "Check for Updates" option under the Help menu in the program.  

This build has several fixes including:

  • Clarion 9.0 installs were not always detected correctly.
  • Clarion 10.0 installs did not always show up as available version if only one more Clarion version was installed.
  • Icons were missing from some buttons as well as from some windows.
  • Maintenance Plan verification did not always work correctly.
  • Registration window was too short to show all the information.
  • In some circumstances {#INCLUDE(FileName)} could add 2-5 characters at the end of the resulting file.

There were some bugs in the Clarion 9 and 10 implementation.  I have simplified it so it should be easy to add new versions of Clarion as they are released.

The {#INCLUDE()} statement for the "Write Text To File" action had a bug in it causing extra characters to be written at the very end of the final file.  

The {#INCLUDE()} statement is a very powerful tool as it allows you to combine files into a single document.  I use this for example when building some of my installs where classes are exported via templates.  First I run our free ITInc2Exp utility to create the export file (.exp)  

Exporting with Inc2Exp

This loads the ITUtilityClass.inc and saves it silently to ITUtilityClass.exp.

I can then use the Write Text action to construct a .TPW file which is included in the main ITUtilities.tpl file.  This creates an export list for developers who use the Icetips Utilities in Legacy applications.  

Including the export file

Very, very simple and very powerful!  

There are now two webinar recordings on Clarion Live.  First webinar is from 2009 which is mostly still valid.  The second one from 2015 where I went through my Build Automator script for the Icetips Utilities and talked about how I do things.  The links above both take you directly to download the .WMF files for the webinars.  

If you are installing Build Automator on Windows Server 2012 or 2008 and you find that a crash occurs during the installation and when you run Build Automator, please let me know and I will get you set up with a slightly different install and executable.  

Arnor Baldvinsson

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