Build Automator 2016 build 6.2.1359 released

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Build Automator 2016


We have released Build Automator 2016, build 6.2.1359

The update can be downloaded from our website at or by using the "Check for Updates" option under the Help menu in the program.  

This build has several fixes including:

  • Clarion 9.0 installs were not always detected correctly.
  • Clarion 10.0 installs did not always show up as available version if only one more Clarion version was installed.
  • Icons were missing from some buttons as well as from some windows.
  • Maintenance Plan verification did not always work correctly.
  • Registration window was too short to show all the information.
  • In some circumstances {#INCLUDE(FileName)} could add 2-5 characters at the end of the resulting file.

There were some bugs in the Clarion 9 and 10 implementation.  I have simplified it so it should be easy to add new versions of Clarion as they are released.

The {#INCLUDE()} statement for the "Write Text To File" action had a bug in it causing extra characters to be written at the very end of the final file.  

The {#INCLUDE()} statement is a very powerful tool as it allows you to combine files into a single document.  I use this for example when building some of my installs where classes are exported via templates.  First I run our free ITInc2Exp utility to create the export file (.exp)  

Exporting with Inc2Exp

This loads the and saves it silently to ITUtilityClass.exp.

I can then use the Write Text action to construct a .TPW file which is included in the main ITUtilities.tpl file.  This creates an export list for developers who use the Icetips Utilities in Legacy applications.  

Including the export file

Very, very simple and very powerful!  

There are now two webinar recordings on Clarion Live.  First webinar is from 2009 which is mostly still valid.  The second one from 2015 where I went through my Build Automator script for the Icetips Utilities and talked about how I do things.  The links above both take you directly to download the .WMF files for the webinars.  

If you are installing Build Automator on Windows Server 2012 or 2008 and you find that a crash occurs during the installation and when you run Build Automator, please let me know and I will get you set up with a slightly different install and executable.  

Arnor Baldvinsson

Build Automator 2015 build 5.12.1344 released

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Build Automator 2015


We have released Build Automator 2015 build 5.12.1344

The update can be downloaded from our website at or by using the "Check for Updates" option under the Help menu in the program.
There are several new features in this build, but there are also a lot of fixes behind the scene that make the program more stable than it has ever been.  The new feature list includes:

  • Full support for Clarion 10
  • Full support for SetupBuilder 10
  • Support for Code generation before build in Clarion 8, 9, 9.1 and 10
  • Drag and drop from Explorer is now supported on all entry and lists that use filenames.
  • Generate Manifest now fully supports Windows 10.
  • Both the install and the program files are dually code signed with both SHA-1 and SHA-2 code certificates, prepared for Microsoft dropping support for SHA-1 certificates in 2016.

But the main change is that Build Automator 2015 is completely built in Clarion 10.  We had decided that Build Automator 2014 would be the last build we did in Clarion 6.3.  It had served us well, but it really was time to move on.

It was not a pain free move!  Clarion 9.1 would consistently throw a non-descript "internal compiler error" on one of our classes and no matter what I did, it would never compile that particular code file.  Clarion 10 came around and lo and behold it would compile this particular file with no issues.  So on went the conversion process.  I found a few bugs along the way, both in Clarion and Build Automator!  Window resizing changed between Clarion 6.3 and Clarion 10 - don't know when - and it caused problems with most of the action windows causing quite a bit of work to get around that.  

I would have liked to have more new actions and features in this build, but it has taken so long to get it together that I didn't want to wait any longer!  But with Build Automator now in Clarion 10 it will be much easier to dive back in and get some new things going.  

FTP and Email are two of the things that I want to add and improve.  Currently you can only upload files, not download or do any other fancy stuff.  It would also be nice to be able to send emails from it in case of errors and attach the log file.  Version control is another thing that needs better support.  Although I have implemented TortoiseSVN using "Run Program" and it runs great, it would be nice to have a more native support for the most popular version control programs today.

Our support for Clarion 6 is coming to an end.  While the actions to compile with the old IDE will stay in the Build Automator IDE there will be no further development on them.  One of the features I want to add is more flexibility in the MSBuild action, so that it could for example be used to build multiple solutions or multiple projects, in a similar way as the "Compile Multiple Clarion Applications" where there is a list of items to compile.  

Arnor Baldvinsson

Build Automator 2014.4.9.1326 released

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We found a small bug in the install, where it didn't copy the picklist information to the new folder structure.  This is fixed in build 1326.  

I had already started improvements on the FTP window so I decided, why not, and finished them!  It now shows the local files being uploaded and goes through the list as the files are being uploaded.  

We have also discovered that it seems that the shortcut on the desktop may not be updated with the new path.  If you get an error when trying to run Build Automator about there not being any Plugins, then that is the problem.  I'm not sure under what circumstances this happens.  It happened on a machine that had the shortcut pinned to the taskbar, so perhaps that has some bearing on it.

Arnor Baldvinsson

Build Automator 2014.4.9.1325 released

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Build Automator 2014


We have released Build Automator 2014 build 4.9.1325 

The update can be downloaded from our website at or by using the "Check for Updates" option under the Help menu in the program.
There are several new features in this build, but there are also a lot of fixes behind the scene that make the program more stable than it has ever been.  The new feature list includes:

  • Full support for Clarion 9 and 9.1
  • Full support for Setup Builder 8.1
  • Support for Code generation before build in Clarion 8, 9 and 9.1
  • Improvements in copy/paste and several fixes to synchronization in the project window
  • File and folder Drag & Drop support in actions
  • External text files can now be included in the "Write text to file" action
  • Programs can be forced to run elevated (will prompt for administrator access)
  • Environment variables fully supported in scripts
  • Search locators make finding projects and variables easy

In previous builds there was a bug in the system that could sometimes lead to the wrong action being loaded, copy/paste being fragile, duplicating the wrong action item and so on.  This should be completely fixed now.  For more detailed list ofnew features and fixes please check out the version history page at

One of the major new feature is the updated MS-Build action which you use for Clarion compiles.  It fully supports all versions of the Clarion IDE, from Clarion 7 to Clarion 9.1.  It now also supports code generation in Clarion 8-9.1.  Code generation was not possible in Clarion 7.  There is one caveat that I don't have any solution for:  Softvelocity does not allow Clarion Professional to generate code with their ClarionCL.exe, which is the tool we use to generate code.  This is unfortunate as it limits the usefulness of this feature, but never the less, it is an important update for us.

Another feature that I want to highlight is the option to include external text filesin the "Write text to File" action.  This allows you to generate files that include data from other sources.  For example I have started using this to generate the export list for templates that need it.  I generate the export list with an external tool, then write template code to a text file which has an Include statement which includes the export list.  End result is a template file completely generated by Build Automator!  How cool is that?!

Arnor Baldvinsson

Build Automator 2014

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Build Automator 2014 is in it's last days of development before being released.

Some of the cool new features are for example the ability to include files in the "Write Text to File" action. The syntax is simple:


The "FileNameToInclude" can be a fixed filename or a Build Automator variable. This makes it possible to generate partial code files that can then be included inside other files. I have started using this in some of my product files where I generate export file for classes with an external tool and then include the file inside a template file. Works great!

The "Run Program" action can now be set to run as administrator. This will prompt for administrator authorization during execution.

Selected actions can now be commented or un-commented by using the C or U keys on the keyboards for Comment/Un-comment respectively or by using the popup menu.

Some new functions have been added to the evaluation variables, such as GetFileDate, GetFileTime and GetFileSize.

Drag and drop from Windows Explorer has also been added to several windows where files could be added.

Several fixes have also been made along the way. The action item list had a problem where it could lose track of the action items under some circumstances. This has now been fixed and with it came fixes to several problems reported with the action item list not working properly, opening the wrong item or problems with copy/paste/duplicate. The FTP action has been modified so that if the files in the list are not found, they show up in red color on the update window. They are also reported during the FTP upload and the upload of the missing file is never started.

Internal naming convention for folders, files and registry keys has also been changed. This does not effect the user in any way and the installer will take care of updating everything automatically when Build Automator 2014 is installed.

The plan is to get the new build out before August 20th, 2014.

Arnor Baldvinsson

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